Announcing : an onchain PvP & CoOp game

Embrace the thrill of trust-based finance in the Trustfall: a game of alliances, risks, and rewards. TrustFall interweaves collective strategy and individual audacity, as players build credit lines through earning the trust of fellow players. With color-coded team NFTs, you're more than an individual-- you're part of a community, competing and collaborating in a dynamic financial ecosystem. It's not just a game, It's an exploration of trust, deceit, and collective power. Are you ready to take the fall?

A Bit of Background

Union Protocol is an open permission-less credit network where anyone, be they person, smart contract, or dao can extend credit to any address onchain, be they person, smart contract, or dao.

In traditional finance, you deposit your money in a bank shaped box and delegate the decision of who can borrow against your deposits to 3rd parties.

On Union, you deposit your funds in the protocol, and it's up to you to decide who can borrow against your funds.

This is a powerful new DeFi primitive.

And the more everyone uses the network, the more it grows and becomes more viable as an alternative to intermediated credit.

There’s just one question, how do you know who to trust and follow up, how much should you trust?

Before the wide spread adoption of fiat currency, hard currency was pretty rare and local communities would often operate almost entirely on credit. But this skill is no longer something most folks have practical experience with.

Even to the point where it's a trope that you shouldn't lend money to friends aka those you trust the most. Instead you are much better off depositing it with an intermediary and letting them choose who to underwrite.

I question this.

There are many people in my life that I know are responsible with money, and in the same breath there are also people in my life who I know can not be trusted with large amounts of credit.

Yet, I don’t know their credit scores.


To have a bit of fun while helping folks get familiar with how Union works and get some hands on experience deciding who to trust with credit. We built

To join the game you simply mint the open mint before 8/15 to indicate you're playing and choose a team. [Free if you're registered on Union or 0.001Eth if you mint before registeringsmall cost to sybil]

Choose Wisely or On a whim
Choose Wisely or On a whim

There are two games being played at the same time: Player vs Player, and CoOperative.

For the PvP Game

It's "simple". To collect points you convince other players to vouch for you.

Points are calculated using a Quadratic Funding formula, so multiple $100 vouches from 10 different people count more than a singular $1,000 vouch.

Who ever has the most points on Aug15 will be deemed the most trusted person in crypto and win the Grand Prize! The Title of the Most Trusted Person in Crypto for top spot + $1,000 DAI for them and $100 DAI for 5 of their friends.

Additional Prizes listed below.

For the CoOp Game

You choose a team. Team Points will be based on which ever team has the highest number of points & the lowest number of Defaults 31 days after the PvP game ends.

The Team Prizes will be $1500, $750, $500, $250 dai staked in a DAO controlled by the team NFT’s.

How to Join.

Step 1: Make sure you have Eth and DAI in a wallet on Optimism, and If you’re not yet a member on Union. Register on

Step2a: Mint the NFT before the game ends [Aug 15], this is how we know who is playing the game.

Step2b: As part of the minting process you will choose a team color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, or Black. And this is your team. Think carefully because you can only mint once.

Step 3: Earn Points by convincing other players to trust you. Points are a function of how many people and how much they vouch for you. So a single whale vouching for a friend can’t win. The player who convinces the most number of people to vouch for them the most is who will win the Grand PVP prize and title of Most Trusted Person in Crypto!

Step 4: Get in touch with fellow team members in the NFT gated Players Lobby


  • No rules beyond don’t break the contracts or any laws in your local jurisdiction

  • Sybil is allowed if it’s well done. We reserve right to nuke any lazy sybil.

  • You can play dishonestly.

  • You can even play an honest game.

  • You don’t have to be human to win.


  • PVP:

    • Grand Prize: Title of the Most Trusted Person in Crypto for top spot + $1,000 DAI for them and $100 for 5 of their friends.

    • Top 10 Most Points: $314 in Credit

    • Top 3 Most # of Vouchees: $420 in Credit

  • CoOp:

    • DAI staked in a governor contract controlled by team NFTs

    • $1000 for First Place, $500 for second, $250, for 3rd, $125 for Last.

  • Anyone who mints the NFT gets entry to the IRL event in Paris + special edition TrustFall Shirt (design below, while supplies last).

After you Mint:

Join the Main Lobby:

Read the TrustFall Repo:

Follow: @unionprotocol for updates

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