Announcing the new Union Interface: Spruce Goose 🦢

Now that version 2 of the Union Protocol is live and users can vouch for up to 1000 contacts. It was only fitting the entire app got an upgrade to match.

The new Union Interface (codename: Spruce Goose 🦢) is now better designed for mobile, managing 100s of contacts, and all around faster and more polished. Plus a few delightful surprises!

You can access it right now at

We will be migrating it to the main domain ( and moving the old ui to a few days after bedrock stabilizes.

Note: Both this new UI and Classic are Open Source licensed if you want to deploy either to IPFS or continue to use it locally or host a version you can.

P.s. if you find any bugs or have any feature requests, we would greatly appreciate you writing them on github issues or sharing on discord.

~Spruce Goose Features in More Detail~

Better designed for Mobile

The majority of the world is on mobile. DeFi should not be restricted to the desktop. Built in large part on the shoulders of the hard work coming out of Walletconnect & Rainbowkit, You can now trust, borrow and manage your contacts on Union on the go.

Clearer Onboarding for New Members

The New Member Onboarding removes some of the points of friction and does a better job of guiding new users through each step. It also now prompts new members to vouch for someone they trust, growing the network of trust!

Unified Contacts Data

Previously, contacts were divided into two categories: those you trust and those who trust you. Which segmented each contacts information into two parts of the UI and duplicated the same data across two tables.

Now each contact is combined in a single entry which makes things a lot cleaner visually and on the backend. It also properly captures the idea of mutual trust, where you both might vouch for each other.

Version 1 of the Protocol could only have a max of 25-50 contacts. But with version 2 you can have 400-1000 contacts. That many entries in a table required more complex filtering and sorting to identify the contacts you need to manage. The updated table allows for more detailed views and filters both on desktop and mobile.

Better Highlighting of your Credit Providers

In Union your credit comes from the network of people and providers that trust you, not from Union DAO or any single centralized source. This new UI better highlights that fact with a colorful graph of your top underwriters.

UNION votes are distributed based on an algorithm designed to incentivize underwriting of borrowers who will not default. The Previous UI didn’t do a good job of illustrating what the effect your vouchees behavior had on your UNION rate or more specifically that its tied to the behavior of those you vouched for.

The new UI solves that quantitatively with a clearer breakdown of why your rate is what it is, and qualitatively by displaying the avatars of those you’re actively backing.

Overhauled DAO governance & stats pages

All settings from ‘interest rate’ to ‘max borrow’ are governed by the UNION DAO. When you become a member and use the protocol, you will earn UNION tokens aka votes in the DAO. The new UI pulls the DAO out of the Credit app and gives it its own updated experience.

It also makes it clearer which network your tokens are on so you know to bridge them to MainNet to be used to vote. Alot more DAO and proposal related stats are surfaced, including a leaderboard for top delegates and autonomous proposals.

Modal Polishing

All the modals got ✨ updates ✨.

Additional Bits and Bobs

  • Added support for Permit Approvals

  • Animated transitions, cause you deserve it!

  • Fixed unhappy paths around network switching

  • soo many squashed bugs!

Test the New Interface

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> Try it today:

A Spruce Goose.
A Spruce Goose.
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