Simpler Onboarding and Rewards for Referrals

Social networks work best when a lot of the people you like are already there.

Turns out a credit network built in part on social relationships also works better when its a network of groups of friends vs strangers.

This post introduces two helper contracts ‘registerhelper.sol’ and ‘referral.sol’ to help remove some friction and better incentivize those doing the work of integrating Union and onboarding others to the network.

Specifically it makes it easier to register addresses with just ETH, adds a rebate for individuals or interfaces doing the work of onboarding new people to Union, and lays the groundwork for UnionDAO to further incentivize those who onboard new, quality members to the network (in addition to the existing comptroller rewards for underwriting active members.)

RegisterHelper - lives up to its name

Registerhelper.sol lets users register addresses on Union using just ETH, as well as rebates a portion of the ETH fee to whatever address is set as referrer when register is called.

This accomplishes three things:

  1. It gets rid of the friction of each new user having to send up to 4 transactions(including stake) just to become a member. Now you just call register (or even mint, surprise below).

  2. It solves the odd experience for potential new members, especially those new to defi who want to Borrow where they have credit in DAI but have to then acquire DAI to use said credit line.

  3. It lets wallets and interfaces earn a small rebate for serving Union users. Or in the case of the interface at, pass on that rebate (0.00021ETH) to users who onboard their friends. [If you would like to add support for Union, feel free to dm me on warpcast with any questions]

If you share a link with ‘’ you'll get a 0.00021ETH rebate for each person who signs up via your link
If you share a link with ‘’ you'll get a 0.00021ETH rebate for each person who signs up via your link

Note: This helper contract doesn't change the core protocol as it still costs the helper contract 1 UNION per register. You can also still manually register with UNION directly if you want, and anyone hosting a front end can deploy their own version if they want to undercut the 0.00063ETH, this is encouraged!

Onchain Referrals

The Referral contract stores an onchain mapping of addresses and the referrer's mentioned above.

  • If you're already a member on opv2 you can set or change your referrer at anytime either on etherscan or the app UI in the Wallet & Activity Modal.

  • If you share your profile or someone elses and someone registers, you'll be their referral (and also get a rebate)

  • If a friend refers you and you register through it will be set automatically

This mapping doesn’t do anything at the moment, except… keep an onchain record of who referred who, which would be necessary data if the DAO ever wanted to reward those who help to onboard active and trustworthy members.

🎁 Mint One Gift One NFT

To celebrate how simple it is to become a member we've create an NFT that when you mint it and then gift it to a friend. You will both magically be registered. With the extra bonus of you receiving a rebate and being set as their referrer.


How to take part in the MoGo mint:

  1. Mint up to 42 of the above zora free mint, and your address will be registered

  2. Send the NFT(s) to any of your friends you’d like to gift them a membership.

  3. The MoGo relay will register them with you as the referrer. (Giving you 0.00021ETH!)

  4. Make sure to walk them through how to stake, vouch, and earn rewards for being a good member.

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